Master's fantasy


Dear reader. hope your Monday was / is / will good :)

Little by little i have get knowledge about BDSM. but I do not like paining i do not like to be treat like slave.
You know that BDSM does not established if Slave does not agree with play.
and when its established, There is "Love" most of the time.  I feel that is beautiful.
I was confused what is different with "Gor" and "Master". but now i know that different. my boo taught me the different :)
and my boo is my master of my heart.

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Swank City of Angel event 
Bed : <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Bed (ADULT-BDSM)  1.0a
Decor : <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Bed  - Nightsstand  B
Decor : <Heart Homes> Spring Joy Bed  Bench

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] - "Lavelle" Modern Chair - Black & Cream Wood (30 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Lavelle" Side Table - Black Wd - Orchid Pot Cascade
[CIRCA] - "Lavelle" Modern Chair - Black & Bl…

Perfect vacation


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good :)

This week was strange week. one day was chilly but weekend will be very very warm like summer.
my body still dont get used to be hot weather.
I hope your body is fine and my body also will be fine while this year :)

Credit @ Galland Homes in Ultra
House : Cape Hatteras by Galland Homes

Credit @ GOOSE
GOOSE - Cobblestone path crossroad
GOOSE - Cobblestone path 8M
GOOSE - Cobblestone path Bench section
GOOSE - Cobblestone path 2M

Credit @ Little Branch in The Chapter Four
Tree : LB_FloweringDogwood{Animated}Seasons
Grass : LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh

Credit @ Pink Magic in Swank
Statue : Pink Magic : Angel Garden

Credit @  Lemon Chilliz in Sense event
Messages in Barrel (Display) - Romantic Decor - [Lemon Chilliz]

Credit @ Raindale in Epiphany "Forest Gacha"
Bench : Raindale - Enter the Forest - bench (wood&moss)
Table : Raindale - Enter the Forest - table
Table : Raindale - Enter the Forest - table lights (blue)

The room of comfy in the middle of the city


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far!

I had log-in issue my morning time. but right now im ok :)
Most of the time, when happened that, makes me worry that my account is ok.
Because my avatar keeping alot of items in her inventory.

Credit @ Raindale in Sense event
Raindale - Shalaby pouf
*Color change by HUD

Credit @ Park Place in Swank City of Angel event
[Park Place] Honey Oak & Black Table
[Park Place] Angel Novelty Lamp
[Park Place] Buffet Table Lamp - Black
[Park Place] Andeo Sitting Room Sofa - Blue - Adult
[Park Place] Honey Oak & Black Laquer Coffee Table
[Park Place] Quartz Tabletop Decor
[Park Place] Coleus Table Plant
[Park Place] Silver Platter Decor
[Park Place] Coffee Table Magazines
[Park Place] "Wings of an Angel" Art Decor
[Park Place] Tropical Croton
[Park Place] Andeo Chair - Left - White
[Park Place] Honey Oak & Black Wire End Table
[Park Place] Angel Brugmansia Plant
[Park Place] Honey Oak Cabinet w/Accessories

Credit @ [CIRCA]…

adorable weekend...


Dear reader. hope your lovely Saturday :)

My boo said "Hope your Sunday will be better day" when we had talking tonight.
He is very intelligent and gentleman. He has alot of sweet word and he said to me a lot of times.
but my heart was hit by this very normal word. He said the other also but this.
I remember his face when he said this word for me. felt in love again...

Credit @ Bee Design in Cosmopolitan (End date : 24th) "Cuddle  Layla Dolls Gacha"
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  4 (Animal hat girl)
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  8 (mouse hat girl)
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  6 (owl hat girl)
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  1 RARE (raccoon hat boy)
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  5 (good night hat girl yellow)
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  9 (good night hat girl blue)
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  3 (animal hat girl )
Bee Designs Layla Dolls Gacha  2 RARE (Animal hat boy)

Credit @ Bee Design in The Chapter Four (Sponsors area) " Go Neutral! Gacha&quo…

make my day


Dear reader.  Hope your beautiful Friday <3

This post also for Swank City of Angel time.
Will be end of Friday for me already. This week was so and so busy week in RL.
However SL side, i wanted to spent time more in SL... sob.
but i think if there is cutie in my office, it would be lovely time in many ways :)

Credit @ Wood Works Home and Garden in Swank City of Angel
Angel City Office Lamp (copy)
Angel City Office File Cabinet v2 (copy)
Cluster Vases (copy)
Angel City Decor Angel (copy)
Pink Daisies in Glass (copy)
Angel City Chair (copy)
Angel City Desk (copy)
Angel City Office Carpet
Angel City Office Chair (copy)
Angel City Office Side Table (copy)
Angel City Bookcase (copy)
Philodendron Potted  (copy)
Twisted vases w/peace lilies copy

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH :: in Illuminate  (End date : 13th)
:: N :: Harper Chaise, Adult

Credit @ JIAN
JIAN Beagle Pup (Wanderer - Rez me!)

Enjoy your Secondlife as i do!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

*FlowerDreams in Swank


Dear reader.  I hope you doing good weekday :)

Swank City of Angel event is running from 7th.
Like this month theme, there is alot of fantastic and beautiful white items.
Specially for home and decor item.
hope you visit to event and happy shopping 💓

my first blog post for Swank of this month, is for *FlowerDreams and this is her first time for Swank.
Available 4 color, Fitmesh for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink mesh body. and classic fitmesh.
of course you would be beautiful if you are not mesh body. always her mesh clothing is including Alpha layer.

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Neria - powder pink @ Swank City of Angel event
Hair : Exile:: Click 5 Color Naturals pack
Body : Maitreya lara

Please try DEMO before purchase.

Enjoy your Secondlife :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader.  hope your nice weekday :)

I would love to share with you Powder Pack March Lelutka Edition.
Preview :
in - world orderOrder in Marketplace  / Powder Pack online
If you are lelukta lover, it will be help your beauty life as

Introducing about Essences released skin Nadia for Powder Pack March Lelutka.
Coming 6 skin tone and 6 eyebrow, Body applier.
Makeup by alaskametro<3 , Lelutka eye applier by E U P H O R I C.
please check the credit at below my pictures.

Skin : Essences Nadia  (Lelutka Applier) @ Powder Pack Lelutka March Edition
 Lipgloss : alaskametro<3 "Glaze" lipgloss - Lelutka HUD @ Powder Pack Lelutka March Edition
 brush : alaskametro<3 "Glow" highlighter blush - Lelutka HUD @ Powder Pack Lelutka March Edition
 Eye makeup : alaskametro<3 "Limelight" eyeshadow - Lelutka HUD @ Powder Pack Lelutka March Edition
Eye applier : .euphoric ~Giselle Eyes  App…