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Dear reader.  Hope your weekday is fine so far!

Swank time!
Swank September round theme is "Tokyo Mix".
Most of items are asian chic ... Home and Decor items and of course Fashion too!
Finally i made the scene and can blog for Park Place and TYLAR'S TREASURES for Swank Tokyo Mix!

I really hope you visit and check their wonderful work!

Picture 1.
Credit @TYLAR'S TREASURES in Swank September "Tokyo Mix"

Creidt @ Park Place in Swank September "Tokyo Mix"
[Park Place] Asian Garden Bench - Singles/Cuddles
[Park Place] Tokyo Bamboo Rock Garden
[Park Place] Stone Perch
[Park Place] Maple Bonsai

*alirium* DownyGrass [Green]
tree pink 2 prims  COPY MODIFY
[Tex]Bamboo fence{Brown}[MESH]
House : Modern Hausu BASE 6 @ Marketplace

Credit @ Park Place in Swank September "Tokyo Mix"
[Park Place] Wave Deco…

::Modish:: New skin for GoupGift


Dear reader. Hope your fab weekend <3

::Modish::  released new group gift. Coming in 3 skin tone.
The gift placed in Mainstore close to the shelf with body appliers. To join 150L.
For sure you will love this :)

Skin : ::Modish:: Estele skins &shape [Gift] @ Main store
hair : !Oleander ~ Madison. Brunette Tones
Eye applier : .euphoric ~Neva Glitter Eyes Applier~[Catwa] @ Marketplace
Head : Catwa Lona
Body : Matireya Lara

Sexy lipstick together with skin.
Wishes you visit to main store and check it out!!

Thanks for coming to my blog.

Powder Pack Catwa September Edition

Dear reader.

Powder Pack information time!

Powder Pack Catwa September edition reservation will close soon on16th.
Will deliver on 17th early time.

Order in -world
Order - online
Flicker group :
All info is here :

Featuring brands are...  #adored : in-world shop  / Flicker  amara beauty : in-world shop  / Flicker ARTE : in-world shop  / Flicker  DeeTaleZ : in-world shop  / Flicker Essences : in-world shop  / Flicker JustMagnetized : in-world shop  / Flicker Modish : in-world shop  / Flicker MUDSKIN : in-world shop  / Flicker PUMEC : in-world shop  / Flicker SLACKGIRL : in-world shop  / Flicker The Face : in-world shop  / Flicker Zibska : in-world shop  / Flicker
Stay tuned <3  

The future is happy and bright


Dear reader.

I love to blog. maybe coming First. I love to imagine -- Second. Love to take picture -- Third, and love to share.
So i am very happy that i could involve with that things i love.
of course I am understanding the blogger has to blog and as much as earlier they release.
This is the respect for creator and i always do for all creator specially with Personal involvement creator.

Okey back to blogging...
Featuring items are all Your Dreams inImaginarium Event and Decorate September "Southern comfort"
Decorate order is here --> Deco(c)rate HQ
Next Decorate theme is "Harvest Moon"....

Credit @ Your Dream in Decorate September
Wedding set : {YD}Southern Rustic Ceremony Wedding@Decorate September
*Rezzing by Rezzer

Credit @ Your Dream in Imaginarium
{YD}Fluffy Cats - Adventurous Kitten {Touch on/off} RARE
{YD}Fluffy Cats - Loving Kittens
{YD}Fluffy Cats - Playful kitten
{YD}Fluffy Cats - Lazy Kitty
{YD}Fluffy Cats - Guitarist kitten
{YD}Fluffy Cats - P…

Good together


Dear reader.
Complicate to create a picture specially when i want to put the "taste" on it.

I am featuring Dreamland Design in Perfect TEN. Perfect TEN September round end date on 15th September.
Chez Moi Furniture "Happy Dreams gacha" and Bee Design "Little boy" Gacha on Imaginarium.
Bee Design created a lot of gacha items. so hope you visit to Bee Design Gacha center and check it out <3

From Sway's items are FLF items "Windows Blind" and "Fox Cushion".
Windows blind color and open / close/ up change by touch!

:: NEWCHURCH :: released "Chronos Wall Clock" on Cosmopolitan. Available 3 color.
Time changeable by i changed to my RL time :)
Cosmopolitan open from 11th to 21th!
Detail item credit is in below!

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Fox] floor cushion . plaid cream
Sway's [Fox] floor cushion . plaid pink
Sway's [Iris] Window Blind - wide . gradient

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Perfect TEN &quo…

New Gift Skin by [PUMEC]


Dear reader. Hope your lovely day 💗

Do you know about the Sale of [PUMEC] and Sintiklia and CHAIN ... up to 25% and 50% and 75%off!
The sale end on 13th September.
Same time, [PUMEC] released new group gift "Ralina" skin for Catwa.
(99L to join group right now)
I hope you visit and look the new shop :)

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - .:Ralina:. -  /September Gift\  - SKIN (Catwa) @ GroupGift
Lipstick : .euphoric ~ Gio Lipgloss Applier ~[Catwa] @ Marketplace
Eye applier : .euphoric ~Neva Glitter Eyes Applier~[Catwa] @ Marketplace
Hair : Love [Self Entitled] GIFT! <3 @Imaginarium GroupGift (Free to join)
Head : Catwa Lona
Body : Maitreya Lara
Shape : own shape

Ralina skin tone coming all color from January to November.
Including body applier of all skin tone, body shape and eyebrow shape, and standard skin for classic avater.

So wonderful gift <3
I know you will love it!

Thanks for coming to my blog.



Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekend :)

Powder Pack September Lelutka released on 1st September.
already opened "Powder Pack September Catwa" Pre-Order...
Will notify you when come close the pre-order.
**Powder Pack September Lelutka Order - in world **
**Powder Pack September Lelutka Order - in marketplace**
**Powder Pack online (ALL INFO is HERE) **

This time i am wearing that not own made shape. This is my first time!
{wren's nest} released 2 new exclusive shape for Swank September.

Skin : amara beauty - Powder Pack LELUTKA SEP 2017 - Delia @ Powder pack September Leltuka 
Shape : { wren's nest } May Shape for LeLutka May bento head @ Swank September
Eye lash : A R T E - Beauty Lashes [LeLutka] @ Powder pack September Leltuka
    Eye applier : A R T E - Crystal Eyes [LeLutka] @ Powder pack September Leltuka 
    Head : Lelutka May
    Hair : !Oleander ~ Brooke. Brunette Tones

Enjoy your Lelutka life!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

my lovely lover


Dear reader. Hope your Friday is nice.

Time goes by very very fast. weekend came already... too fast.
I saw the news of Earthquake of south area of mexico and M8.2 is very very big more than you think.
News said about considering Tunami too.... make me remind 6 years ago.
I am very worry and i really hope that tunami does not happen at anywhere!

Perfect TEN is running to the 15th September. Passed half of this round already...
All info :
and right now my time also 9pm over! Time passed very fast!

Credit @ Luna Sensual Design in Perfect TEN
Wood house : Menu Driven Tree Platform Home Full Set by Luna Sensual Design

Credit @ TYLAR'S TREASURES in Perfect TEN
Hot spring tub : .:TT:.  HOT SPRINGS TUB CUDDLES

Credit @ .:Tm:. Creation  in Swank September
[Gyoen] Bench Garden PG-S16
[GM11] Asian Garden Plants Rocks Arrangement CM
[GM13] Wild Spring Garden Arrangement C/M
[Pathway LONG w/Fern…

New! by *FlowerDreams


Dear reader.

*FlowerDreams Time!
FlowerDreams Creation was moved to new location. so please don't forget to take a LM.
While i have not visiting, the shop has becoming convenient and more fun!
There is 6 Lucky letter in the shop. this is no need to join group.and prize are so gorgeous.
Of course, a lot of free gift is ready for you. SLFO gift and Maitreya Gift and etc...
and Nile is ready a lot of group gift for group member. Cost 500L to join the group.

I would love to share with you her new gown "Ophelia"
Cloth applier coming for Maitreya / Belleza / Slink, and standard layer for classic avater.
Available 7 color, Violet color, cyan color 50%off in limited time.

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Ophelia - violet @ 50%off offer gown (picture1)
Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Ophelia - cyan @ 50%off offer gown (picture2)
Hair : TRUTH VIP - June *fix* (picture1)
Hair : .Olive. the Kelly Hair - Blondes (Picture2)
Body : Maitreya Lara

Location : The Enchanted Isle

I hope you enjoy *Flower…

Sweet and a bit bitter summer's end


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far!

What is your hobby in SL?
if you have no hobby in SL, i wondered you dont bored when you are in SL..
I was bored very much when that. but now never bored.  all the time i am busy but i am loving and enjoying this time in SL.

Garden decoration time.
Featuring Brand and Event are...
CJ Creation in Swank September Tokyo Mix
Bee Design in Chapter Four (End date October 1st)
Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan (End date 8th September)
and more! Check it out my credit 💓

Credit @ CJ Creation in Swank September Tokyo Mix
CJ Cascading Pond ~ The Koi
CJ Swing Cherry Blossom

Credit @ Bee Design in Chapter Four
Cherry Rose sunflowers
Bee Designs Sunflowers & Hedgehogs Gacha 5
Bee Designs Sunflowers & Hedgehogs Gacha 10
Bee Designs Sunflowers & Hedgehogs Gacha 3
Bee Designs Sunflowers & Hedgehogs Gacha 11
Bee Designs Sunflowers & Hedgehogs Gacha 12
Bee Designs Sunflowers & Hedgehogs Gacha 4
Bee Designs Sunflowers & Hedge…



Dear reader.  hope your nice weekday will come to you :)

Addicted in Greer head.. She is so gorgeous.
This blog post is for Modish new skin for Lelutka. Available only Main store.
Coming 7 skin tone, 3 type lipstick separate.
Eye applier coming Izzie's in Powder Pack September Lelutka > Order -in world

Skin : ::Modish:: iris [Lelutka] skins  @ Modish Main store
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Iris-DarkA-Lips-[Lelutka] HUD @ Modish Main store
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Iris-DarkB-Lips-[Lelutka]HUD @ Modish Main store
Lipstick : ::Modish:: Iris-Fairs-Lips-[Lelutka]HUD @ Modish Main store
Eye applier : Izzie's - LeLutka - Applier Ring Light Eyes (Powder Pack Sept)
Necklace : [VM] VERO MODERO  Gold Cord Necklace @ Around the grid in 80 days hunt 5
hair : .Olive. the Ginny Hair - Blondes
Head : Lelutka Greer
body : Maitreya Lara 
Enjoy mesh head life!  Thanks for coming to my blog.

Powder Pack on Lelutka Greer


Dear reader.
This is my 900 times blogging!! i can not believe it!  and i am lucky that i blog for Powder Pack and it is for Lelutka💓

First blog post of Powder Pack September Lelutka.
Brand new mesh head and brand new skin and brand new hair.
I feel i will meet with something nice happening :)

I tried for long time the demo of Lelutka Spencer head and Greer head.
Spencer is very gorgeous looking and Greer also beautiful.
but i might had decided to Greer when they released i saw the line up.
May is cute like a girl and Greer is more mature. May and Greer are my "taste" i think.
Check it out Lelutka main store / Lelutka mesh head showcase in flicker <3

Powder Pack is a perfect beauty box for mesh head.
Featuring [PUMEC] new skin and Izzie's lipstick and A R T E lashes and [MUDSKIN] eye applier.
Everything are in Powder pack September Lelutka edition.
Order in world
Order in marketplace

Brand new day


Dear reader.  Hope your wonderful weekend :)

The Aracede September will open on September 1st.
REWARD item by Sway's is so so cute flower pot :)
aQua event also will open on September 1st. Bee Design released Vintage Suitcases Gacha. 

Will start my brand new days! 

Credit @ Sway's in The Aracede
Sway's [Workplace] Picture Frame Wall . wood
Sway's [Workplace] Picture Frame Wall . metal
Sway's [Workplace] Books and Bookend
Sway's [Workplace] Stack of Books
Sway's [Workplace] Shelf
Sway's [Workplace] Succulent Portulacaria
Sway's [Workplace] Desk
Sway's [Workplace] Paper Bin
Sway's [Workplace] Pens and Pencils
Sway's [Workplace] Globe
Sway's [Workplace] Calendar
Sway's [Workplace] Laptop
Sway's [Workplace] Coffee Mug . mint
Sway's [Workplace] Coffee Mug . pink
Sway's [Workplace] Pencil Jar
Sway's [Workplace] Table Lamp
Sway's [Damien] Succulent
Sway's [Workplace] Succulent Echeveria
Sway's [Workplace] …

quiet time in sunny veranda...


Dear reader.

Very Very hot and muggy summer will leave from me little by little.
and will come to me autumn after summer.
I hope your autumn will be romantic and fantastic 💓

Chez Moi Furniture released new Barbecue party set for TRES CHIC August.
so lovely animation and props come out to you <3
and please don't forget to visit to Swank. Running to the 31th August.

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in TRES CHIC (End date : September 10th)
Barbecue Party (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Picnic Table Let's Party (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Classic Picnic Basket CHEZ MOI
Hamburger Tray Party CHEZ MOI
Picnic Cheese and Bread CHEZ MOI
Orange Cake CHEZ MOI
Cup With Flower CHEZ MOI
Hanging Fern CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Casa de Bebe in Swank (End date : August 31th)
{CdB} Peggy Olson Sofa_Adult
Jackson Polluck No 28 1951
{CdB} Don Draper Lounge_Adult
{CdB} Sterling Arc Floor Lamp
{CdB} Joan's Magazine Table 1
{CdB} Vintage Indian Dhurrie Rug

Credit @ Bee Design
Bee Designs Teddy Bears Gacha - Butterfly 3
Bee De…



Dear reader.

Designer Showcase time!

Avada comes to Designer Shop with new release skin "Amaria"
available 10 skin tone, body applier for Maitreya, belleza, Omega system and Slink.
Including in each head skin, shape (made with Catwa catya), and eyebrow shape.
I made shape for this skin, so please visit to Designer Showcase and check it out.
And! Powder Pack September Lelutka Edition pre- order close soon in a few days.
The price will change to full price after release. so dont miss out to reserve order :)
Reserve order in MP
Reserve order in -world : secondlife://THE%20LAST%20FOREVER/93/114/22
All info is in Powder pack online :

Credit : Avada~ Amaria Catwa @ Designer Showcase August
Makeup : A R T E - Classic Eyeshadow [Catwa] / A R T E - Lips & Eyes [Catwa] @ Powder Pack Catwa August
Hair : [Entwined] Skye - Dark Browns
head : Catwa Catya
Body : Maitreya …



Dear reader.

::MODISH: released new skin only at Main store.
I love this modish style that released only on main store.
Before the event is not common way, they released on their store.. so i feel modish back to the origin of creators..

New skin "Eva" coming 6 skin tone, please try DEMO!

Skin : ::Modish::[Catwa] Eva @ Modish Main store
Hair : *barberyumyum*S06(brown)
Head : Catwa Catya
Body : Maitreya Lara

my Eva is no makeup. even thought beautiful Eva.
Hope you visit to main store :)

Enjoy your Secondlife.
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Thousand dreams


Dear reader.
I hope your wonderful weekend. and my weekend would be finish with work in rl..😖

Do you visit to EnchantmentEnchantment is always beautiful title.. this round is "Enter 1001 nights"
Featuring Bee Design and Your Dreams.. you can find all items in Enchantment.

Credit @ Your Dreams in Enchantment "Thousand and one wishes " Gacha
{YD}Thousand and one wishes - Mr Popularity
{YD}Thousand and one wishes - Surprise
{YD}Thousand and one wishes - Dancer
{YD}Thousand and one wishes - My Master RARE
{YD}Thousand and one wishes - Belle
{YD}Thousand and one wishes - Evil
{YD}Thousand and one wishes - Dreamer

Credit @ Bee Design in Enchantment "Arabian Nights Set Gacha" Gacha
Bee Designs Arabian Nights Set Gacha -Daybed RARE
Bee Designs Arabian Nights Set Gacha -Bed RARE
Bee Designs Arabian Nights Set Gacha - Genie Lamp
Bee Designs Arabian Nights Set Gacha Tall Table
Bee Designs Arabian Nights Set Gacha  Purple Ottoman
Bee Designs Arabian Nights S…

Summer cloud Summer blue...Summer memory


Dear reader.
Today is last Friday of this month. we called "Premium Friday" in japan.
So some people might be Premium day... 😝😜

Swank @ Retro Maniac is running to the 31th August.
Enjoyed and got wonderful memory of this summer? I hope you so :)
Featuring Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes, and .:Tm:. Creation in Swank and lovely  big pool in [CIRCA] living.

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Swank @ Retro Maniac
<Heart Homes> Friends  Gathering

Credit @ .:Tm:. Creation  in Swank @ Retro Maniac
[.:Tm:.] Romantic Rose's Gazebo v1.Wood Dark C/M
[VintageMe] Garden Bench PG S15
[.:.Tm:.] Heart Rose Petals w anims PG C/M
[P5F.2 Mid Middle Curve] Pathway Wood w/ Ferns
[P5F.1 Mid Middle Curve] Pathway Wood w/ Ferns
[GP03A] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GP03B] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GP03C] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GP03D] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GP04.1] Pink White Flowers Mesh C/M



Dear reader. How is your this weekday? 👦👧
My real birthday is in this week! Yay!!

[PUMEC] released soo beautiful skin for Catwa is in Shiny Shabby August.
Preview -->
and makeup coming by STUDIO EXPOSURE in Powder Pack Catwa August.
Powder pack Catwa August preview -->
Order in world :
Order in Marketplace :

Skin : .:[PUMEC] :. - AZALEA -  @ Shiny Shabby August
Hair : Clawtooth: Kinda Shy/Rigged Mesh (Enchanting Brunettes Pack)
Head : Catwa Lona
Body : Maitreya Lara

AZALEA available 4 skint one -- January / May / March / September.
Including body shape . eyebrow shape, Standard skin.
STUDIO EXPOSURE makeup Eyeshadow 4 type, lipstick 5 type.. Very adulty color..
I love it!

No where but here


Dear reader.  Hope your good weekday 👨👩

What image you have for "Zen"?
Makes me remind mossy grass and water. and most important is "sand".
very white sand.

Featuring many Decorate August. Check the Preview. As always awesome!!
Decorate order in Headquarters

Credit @ Decorate August
Serenity Style- Zen Pool Pavilion
Serenity Style- Zen Cushion
MI Stone Lantern Light ON/OFF
MI Bamboo Water Fountain Decor
{-Maru Kado-} MA-S (weave/1Li)
{-Maru Kado-} Ikebana Lotus (blue/2Li)
MadPea GongFu Tea Set - Dark 1
MadPea GongFu Tea Set - Light 2

Credit @ TLC Home Collection
TLC Little Bit Of Zen
TLC Koi 12 [Feedable]
TLC Koi 3 [Feedable]
TLC Koi 6 [Feedable]
TLC Koi 8 [Feedable]
TLC Dragonfly

Credit scene..
Flower path : DD Wild Winding Flower Path by Dreamland Design
waterfall : Waterfall Oasis by Eclectic Randomness

Hope you love everything and enjoy decorating!
Thanks fo…

Dear lovely day


Dear reader.  hope your nice weekday <3

Featuring Your Dream in Limit8. running to the 13th September. (opened 18th August)
Limited items is "Fatpack" of kitties. only 188L. if you buy separate, will cost 108L on each.
So cute kitties and lovely heart i love them a lot :)
(some shops limit items are already sold out... so hurry up!)
The other items are in Swank @ Retro Maniac round. Running to the 31th August.

Skybox : LAGOM - Gothenburg Skybox.@ Builder's box August

Credit @ Your Dreams in Limit8
{YD}Cute cat kawaii- Gray cat
{YD}Cute cat kawaii- Yellow Cat
{YD}Cute cat kawaii-  White Cat

Credit @ Park Place in Swank @ Retro Maniac
[Park Place] Dark Maple Retro Bed - Adult
[Park Place] Retro Wall Decor
[Park Place] Retro Floor Lamp - Teal
[Park Place] Retro Credenza
[Park Place] Yellow Retro Phone Decor
[Park Place] "Books" Tissue Holder
[Park Place] Retro Table Lamp - Orange
[Park Place] Retro Accent Chair - Orange
[Park Place] Retro Ottoman with Thr…



Dear reader.  How was your weekend? :) hope would be nice for you.

Powder Pack Catwa August released on 17th.
Preview -->
Order in world
Order in mareketplace
All of info is in Powder Pack online :

I love to touch with new skin in powder pack.
feel like makes me to be beauty much more :)

Skin : amara beauty - Powder Pack CATWA - Lilian skin @Powder Pack Catwa August
makeup and eye applier : ::Modish:: Bea Cosmetics [Catwa PowderPack] August  @Powder Pack Catwa August
Ears : .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\   -  LITTLE STAR @ [PUMEC] main store
Hair : Blues. Pamela - Naturals 1
Head : Catwa Lona
body : Maitreya lara

amara beauty new skin "Lilian" coming 12 skin tone with 2 type eyebrow and no eyebrows.
Including body applier working on Omega system.
Modish released…

Modish @ TheGachaGarden


Dear reader.  (Coming soon the 900 times blogging! Yay!)
Changed my head to Catwa.

Modish released new skin Gacha for The Gacha Garden.
Skin + makeup = 9 type and no make up skin applier and eye applier.. this 2 items are rare.
and 5 color Catwa eye applier.

I would love to share with you skin + makeup in second picture.
first picture is showing you no makeup skin and makeup coming as "Davina Lipsticks" in main store.
Second picture is showing Skin + makeup items.

Shown head on Catwa Lona.
wearing hair is TRUTH August GroupGift

 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [fatpack]-Catwa-Skin Applier RARE @ TheGachaGarden
 Eye applier : ::Modish:: Lexy-eyes (03) nr.10 @ TheGachaGarden
 Lipstick : ::Modish:: Davina Lipsticks [Catwa] @ Modish main store

 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa] Face01 [D02]HUD @ TheGachaGarden
 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa] Face01 [F03]HUD @ TheGachaGarden
 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa] Face01 [T02]HUD @ TheGachaGarden
 Skin : ::Modish:: Lexy [Catwa…

Private time..


Dear reader!  Wishes your nice weekday 👴👵

My blog post is not weather news but i want to write about weather because its not normal at all.
Finished rain season but there was no sunny day at all in August.
August is most hot season but for a few days, but so chilly days.
but anyway its good than too hot days... maybe something strange in world but feel comfortable than too hot summer.

If i take a vacation in forest, in green, would be comfortable even if hot summer days.

Credit @ CJ Creation in Swank August
CJ Arwen Iron Vintage Gazebo
CJ Retro Chair with 50 Single 5 Couple + Props
CJ Retro Set Table with Props by touch
CJ Retro Set Planter
CJ Arwen Iron Vintage Table
CJ Arwen Iron Vintage Chair R

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Limit8 (August 18th - September 13th)
Porch Swing Oak (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Bucket Vintage Flowers CHEZ MOI

Scene ..
Hummingbird Garden Tree  - Purple by Simply Shelby
DD Wild Winding Flower Path by Dreamland Design

I hope you like everything items!
Enjoy Se…

*FlowerDreams in Appliqué


Dear reader.
Chilly this morning.. even August, im wearing like autumn cloth..
Worry that i dont get cold.. :(

*FlowerDreams is participating in Applique 18th round.
Nile released new and exclusive gown "Bianca" for Applique event.
Elegant design and sexy.... :) Hope you like this.
You can check Nile's past released gown too in Applique.
Check it out <3

Gown : .:FlowerDreams:.Bianca - wine @ Exclusive Applique 18th round
*Cloth applier for Belleza / Maitreya / Slink, and system cloth layer.
Hair : Clawtooth: Windswept (Enchanting Brunettes Pack)
Body : Maitreya Lara

Enjoy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.

Powder Pack August Catwa




Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday will come to you 😙

Designer Showcase by Prism Design time!
Journey McLaglen released so summer chic pants and tops in Designer Showcase.
available 4 color each, fitmesh for alot of body!!
so please check the DEMO before purchase.

top : Prism Journey Jeans Top - Seaside Fade - Coral @ Designer Showcase August
pants : Prism Journey Jeans - Surfside Fade - Driftwood @ Designer Showcase August
Heal :Glamistry - EDELWEISS Heels

top : Prism Journey Jeans Top - Seaside Fade - Driftwood @ Designer Showcase August
Pants : Prism Journey Jeans - Surfside Fade - Tropico @ Designer Showcase August
Heal : Glamistry - EDELWEISS Heels

I really love this outfit! 

Enjoy the summer! 
Thanks for coming to my blog.